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Store owners are often hesitant to tint their storefront because they don’t want to lose visibility. Thankfully we have the perfect solution for store owners to cut the heat and keep a good amount of visibility.

Take our friends at Grafik House, for example; Grafik House, a traditional print-making studio in St. Louis, called us; they sell prints they wanted a way to keep the solar heat out of their shop and mitigate against UV damage to the art on display in the windows. However, they still wanted potential customers to be able to see into their storefront.

We filmed Grafik House’s storefront with 3M Prestige 40 film. The film can maintain visibility for passers-by but is dark enough to help lower the total solar heat.
Additionally, the film blocks 99% of the U.V. rays, significantly reducing the damage any merchandise or art in their window will receive. This tint was the perfect solution for their store front to maintain visibility and to mitigate heat and UV fading of the prints they had on display.

The Result: Decreased heat, with maintained visibility

Grafik House decreased heat from their windows but maintained good visibility of the merchandise in their storefront. Don’t lose the valuable visibility your storefront can offer, and at the same time, don’t continue to deal with the heat, UV fading, and glare! 3M Prestige 40 was the perfect solution to tint their storefront; if you have a storefront that needs tinting, still want visibility and protects from UV damage reach out to us with the button below!

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