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For decades, insulation has been used in the walls and ceilings of our homes to control the flow of heat between inside and out. 3M Thinsulate Window Films work much in the same way. It improves the insulation value of a typical single pane window to that of a double pane window and a double pane window to a triple pane window. This helps keep the warmth in during the winter and the heat out in the summer.

Upgrade the Glass of Your Existing Windows with 3M Thinsulate
Upgrade the glass in your windows to keep the weather out, and let the light in, all season, every season with 3M Thinsulate Window Films. Find out how to control your climate, increase your efficiency, get protection from UV rays, all while maintaining the appearance of your home, year-round.

Upgrade Your Existing Windows with 3M Thinsulate Window Films - Window Tinting in Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi and Wisconsin

3M Thinsulate Window Films can Upgrade Your Exiting Windows in the Following Ways
  • Climate Control – Improve the comfort of your home by reducing hot and cold spots near windows.
  • Increase Energy Efficiency – Save money on energy costs by upgrading your existing windows to reject the heat in the Summer and retain the heat in the Winter.
  • Maintain Appearance – Maintain the appearance of your floors, furniture and furnishings by blocking the harmful UV rays from entering your home. Also, maintain the appearance of your home as this film can do all of these things without changing the look of your existing windows.
  • Sunscreen for Your Home – Not only will this innovative film block the UV rays to help reduce fading of your furnishings, it will also protect your skin from UV exposure. Did you know that window film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation? Find out more by clicking HERE.

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If you are interested in ways to upgrade your existing windows to make your home more comfortable, save on energy and protect against fading, click HERE and contact us by filling out the form below for more information. We would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation on 3M Thinsulate Window Film and discuss how you can implement this innovative solution into your home.

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