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Skylights can be a great addition to any space. They give the space an open and airy feel while also providing more natural light. However, these features also are often accompanied by excessive heat and glare coming through at certain times of the day. That is where a professionally installed skylight window film can help.

We helped this building owner in Madison, Wisconsin combat heat and glare while likely also saving energy to keep the space comfortable by installing an exterior skylight window film. Our goal is to rectify the issue without you even being able to tell that a product was installed. We do that via a well trained installation crew that pays close attention to detail. Check out the picture below of even how much attention we paid to the caulk bead used to seal the edges of this exterior film to extend its life. Although most people will never be this close to admire our work, we keep a very high standard even if it is something you will never see.

If you are interested in discussing all of the standard and skylight window film options available for improving your commercial space, you can contact us by filling out the form below for more information. Midwest Glass Tinters would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to explain the options and discuss how you can implement a window film solution in your space. Contact us here.

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