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Our team loves helping clients improve the comfort of their home utilizing residential window film. Modern home design often integrates large spans of windows like you see here which allows you to bring the outside in and create a very open space. However, what often comes along with these window is excessive heat and glare at certain times of the day. Covering the windows with a blind, curtain or shade is not ideal as it covers the windows and eliminates the views to the outside.

This is where we can help with by retrofitting residential window film to your existing windows. These innovative films can significantly cut the glare and reduce the heat pouring through the glass without obstructing your view. As you can see from these pictures, all of the beauty of the view is maintained while addressing the problem areas.

To learn even more about how residential film can help make your home more comfortable, click HERE. If you have any questions or would like an onsite consultation, contact us by filling out the form below for more information. We would be happy to provide you with a property assessment and estimate on implementing residential window film in the Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Wisconsin area.

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