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A spa is supposed to be a place where you go to relax for awhile and enjoy the comforts of being pampered. However, this spa in Jefferson City, Missouri was dealing with a heat and glare issue that was making the space less comfortable for clients and employees than they had hoped. The team at Midwest Glass Tinters was called in to discuss was of reducing heat and glare without making the windows appear to dark or reflective from the inside.

The determination was made to install 3M Night Vision 15% window film to address the issue. This film will not only address the heat and glare problem, but will also potentially lower their energy costs and help save the interior furnishings from fading. The spa eliminated the issue and once more is a place comfort and relaxation for their clients.

Reducing Heat and Glare Makes Jefferson City Spa More Comfortable

Is the sun creating excessive heat and glare issues in your home or commercial space? If so, give the team at Midwest Glass Tinters a call and we would be happy to set up an absolutely free, no obligation consultation with you to assess the problem and recommend a solution.

Heat, Glare and Privacy Addressed in this Home Improvement
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