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Security film is one of the best security solutions available at an affordable price however, when not installed correctly it can fail catastrophically. Recently Capitol rioters were able to punch through window film with ease. Why? Because the film was not installed with its proper attachment system. Several bad practices include: A salesperson promoting that attachment just isn’t necessary; also, sometimes installers leave only eighth inch beads of attachment around a window. In other cases the attachments that look good end up hollowed out in the finishing process or having jagged edges on the film. All of these give the customer only slightly more security than they had before. Let’s tackle these issues one at a time.

Impact Protection Attachment System Is An Absolute NecessityImpact Protection Attachment System Is An Absolute NecessityThere is no situation where the attachment system should be bypassed. Certain companies may say the attachment system is not required because they don’t know how to install it correctly or to make their price appear lower. In our testing, on tempered glass with film alone, we see only about 5-8 seconds of protection when the attachment system is not in place. Customers such as schools, churches, and government institutions need more time than just 5-8 seconds of protection. By having a correctly installed attachment system that time can be increased to up to a minute depending on the size of the aggressor.

Incorrect installation of the impact protection attachment system also impacts the effectiveness of the film. When an installer leaves an attachment that is too thin or hollowed out, it adds only a few extra seconds, but not what could be added with the product correctly installed. When installed incorrectly there is not enough tensile strength to actually stand up to forced entry. The attachment needs to be thick enough and bonded to enough of the film and the frame to hold under impact. MGT beads typically exceed the standard ⅜ of an inch to ensure maximum security and save lives.

At MGT we value our customers safety and make sure we offer the best protection in the window film space. Our customers depend on these products to protect their children, families, and co-workers in a worst case scenario. Correctly installed attachment on a quality security film can provide up to several minutes of protection, giving valuable response time for security teams or law enforcement to arrive. Contact us today if you are interested in hearing more about our Impact Protection Attachment System and products or in speaking with one of our security film professionals.

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By Kyle Vanden Bosch
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