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Today is the official first day of Spring. While we may be getting some cooler days still mixed in we know that warmer weather is on the way. This is the perfect time of year to consider adding home window tint to your Spring home improvement list. So, while you wait for the sunnier and warmer days to arrive, consider these three reasons to consider retrofitting your home’s existing windows with a residential window film.

Three Key Benefits of Home Window Tint in Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi & Wisconsin


  • Improved Home Energy Efficiency – Modern residential window films can be used to retrofit nearly any window and improve that unit’s energy efficiency. They accomplish this by improving the insulating properties of that window. By enhancing the insulating performance, window film improves the comfort of your home and reduces the load on your air conditioning system. The overall result can not only be a more comfortable home, but also lower utility bills.
  • Increase Protection of Furniture, Floors and Furnishings from Fading – The sun’s UV rays are a major contributor of fading. In addition, heat and visible light from the sun are also primary contributors. Window films act to significantly reduce the UV, heat and damaging visible light that can cause sun damage to your floors, carpets, furniture and other furnishings.
  • Added Privacy and Home Decor – Decorative home window films can be used on any window or glass panel where additional privacy is desired. From bathrooms to entryway windows, there are many decorative options to add this privacy without sacrificing looks. These same films can also be used to add a custom decorative elements to nearly any glass panel like cabinet doors and other areas.

We hope this brief article gave you some ideas on how home window tint can be the perfect addition to your house this Spring. If you would like more information on residential window films, click HERE. If you are interesting in discussing this innovative home improvement solution, contact us by filling out the form below for more information. Midwest Glass Tinters services homes and commercial spaces in Chicago, Central Illinois, Madison & Milwaukee, Wisconsin and St Louis and Central Missouri, Jackson, Mississippi as well as all the surrounding communities.

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