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A Combination of 3M Window Films Used to Provide Desired Home Improvement

This homeowner in Columbia, Missouri was dealing with excessive heat and glare in certain areas of their home that they wanted to address. In addition, they also wanted to add some privacy to the entryway area. The team at Midwest Glass Tinters suggested a home improvement that involved a combination of 3M Prestige 70% Window Film and 3M Night Vision 25% Window Film for the heat and glare issues. Then, they suggested a 3M Fasara White Frost film to give the added privacy at the entryway. The combination met the homeowner’s needs of wanting a more comfortable and private home.

Heat, Glare and Privacy Addressed in this Home Improvement

Are heat and glare are causing you problems? Do you need more privacy in certain areas of your home? Do you want to get back to enjoying the very best of your windows? Give the team at Midwest Glass Tinters a call and we would be happy to set up an absolutely free, no obligation consultation with you to assess the problem and recommend a solution.

We Help Breakout COMO Escape Heat & Glare with 3M Night Vision
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