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MGT Films, a leading film production company, recently announced that they would add custom graphics to the storefront of Azul 3D, a famous 3D printing company located in Skokie, Illinois.

The custom graphics, designed specifically for Azul 3D by MGT Films, will feature the company’s logo and branding in a bold and eye-catching design. The graphics will be printed on high-quality vinyl and applied to the storefront windows, ensuring they are visible to passersby and customers alike.

According to MGT Films, adding custom graphics is part of a more significant effort to help Azul 3D stand out. In addition, the company hopes that the graphics will draw attention to the storefront and help attract new customers to the business.

MGT’s professional installation crew worked hard in adverse temperatures to ensure the graphics were installed perfectly and on time for the client. Finally, after a hard day’s work, MGT’s crew completed the installation.

Overall, the partnership between MGT Films and Azul 3D is a win-win for both companies. MGT Films gets to showcase its design and custom graphics skills. At the same time, Azul 3D benefits from the increased visibility and brand recognition that custom graphics and other marketing efforts will bring. With MGT Films, it’s clear that Azul 3D is committed to its storefront standing out and attracting new customers to its business.

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