3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes Transform Ordinary Glass - Decorative Window Film in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, and Wisconsin

If you would like to transform existing glass panels by adding more visual interest and appeal, 3M FASARA Decorative Glass Finishes are exactly what you are looking for. These films apply directly to most glass surfaces and are available in over 100 unique designs to complement most any decor. Whether your desired effect is creative or privacy, FASARA has you covered. As a supplemental benefit, these decorative glass films also enhance safety thanks to a construction which can hold together breaking glass and help reduce fading by cutting UV radiation by up to 99%.

  • Add company designs or branding to glass surfaces.
  • Allow natural light to pass while enhancing privacy.
  • Create an open feel, even in small spaces.
  • Create the illusion of etched, treated or texturized glass with 3M FASARA Films.
  • Integrate visual breaks in an open space.

We hope this information opens your eyes to all the great ways you can integrate 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes into your space. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact us by filling out the form below for more information. MGT Films would be happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation on how you can implement 3M Fasara Glass Finishes into your space.

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